Diabetes Protocol

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

Symptoms: intense hunger, shallow respirations, tremors.

a. Follow individual doctor’s orders.

b. If no orders, do the following until orders are obtained:

(1) Give 6 oz. fruit juice or regular soda, or 1 tbsp. of sugar, or sugar supplement.

c. Allow patient to rest.

d. May put icing on gum line if available.

e. Notify parent.

Hyperglycemia(High Blood Sugar)

1. If Blood Glucose is 350 or greater, recheck in 30 minutes after receiving insulin coverage.

2. If Blood Glucose is 400 or greater, student remains in Health Office until rechecked in 30 minutes.

3. If Blood Glucose is 450, student must be picked up by parent immediately or 9-1-1 called; doctor to be notified.

4. If Blood Glucose is 500, 9-1-1 is to be called; parent and doctor are to be notified.

5. If symptomatic, arrange for medical treatment regardless of Blood Glucose.

6. Call ambulance and parent.

7. Have parent meet ambulance at the hospital with the following information: type of insulin, concentration, dosage, time of last injection, and food intake

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