Student Assessment

Office of Guidance & Testing
Administration Building
201 N. Front Street, 5th Floor
Camden, New Jersey 08102
Main Number: (856) 966-2046
Fax: (856) 966-2514
Ms. Jacquelyn Jefferson
Supervisor of Guidance and Testing
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38025
Fax: (856) 536-2538
Ms. Marie Sheared
Supervisor of Scheduling
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38425
Fax: (856) 966-2514
Ms. Frances Webster, Clerk IIB
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38503
Fax: (856) 966-2097
Ms. Zoraida Hicks, Clerk
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38522
Fax: (856) 966-2538
Test Distribution Center
Pyne Poynt Middle School
800 Erie Street - Trailer #9
Camden, New Jersey 08102
Main Number: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38025
Fax: (856) 536-2538
Ms. Robinetta Forrest
Education Program Specialist
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38027
Fax: (856) 536-2538
Ms. Tomica Hawkins, Clerk
Voice: (856) 966-2000, Ext. 38026
Fax: (856) 536-2538
Mission Statement
We believe that guidance and counseling are vital elements in the Camden City School District. These two components are specifically designed to assist all students through a clearly articulated program. Our program utilizes an integrated approach that is to be assessed by students on a regular basis. Guidance represents a comprehensive program of activities, which is an integral part of the Division of Support Services in the district.
Guidance is a process of supporting students to develop knowledge of self as a unique individual in relationship to the environment. Counseling is the art of helping people. It is student-centered. The Guidance program provides for the personal, educational and career needs of all students in grades K through 12.
Guidance draws on all appropriate resources to secure the maximum benefits for our students. Although school counselors take the lead in carrying out program strategies, administrators, teachers, parents and community agencies are an invaluable part of the counseling team. Our Guidance Department depends upon the active participation of all individuals who care about the optimum development of our students.
Furthermore, the Guidance Department provides students with information and experiences that will develop positive attitudes and values. The program helps students acquire life-long learning skills needed for making thoughtful decisions and problem-solving.
Update from May 2015:
OFAC Summary: The Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance (OFAC), Special Investigations Unit has completed its Investigative Report regarding the self-report incident concerning an alleged security breach that occurred during the administration of the 2012 Grade 6 New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (2012 NJ ASK 6) at Cooper B. Hatch Family School in the Camden City School District (district).
The OFAC concluded the information obtained during the investigation was insufficient to definitively establish that a breach occurred during the administration of the 2012 NJ ASK 6. As such, the OFAC file on this matter will be closed.
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