Health Benefits FAQ's Under Aetna

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the prescription carrier?

  • Your prescription carrier is Benecard.

     May I waive medical coverage and take prescription coverage only?

  • No. You must either take these two coverage's together or waive both coverage's.

    Who is the carrier for vision coverage?
  • Your coverage for vision is with Aetna effective 1/1/2018. (Click here to view Aetna Vision Benefits)

Who is the carrier for dental?

  • Your coverage for dental is with Delta Dental effective 1/1/2018. (Click here to view dental benefits.) (Click here to find out about your dental plan)

    How can I confirm my physician is in the Aetna network?
  • Any employee can look up his/her provider(s) on the chosen carrier website to see provider participation status at any time. You do not need to be a registered member to get this information.

How will I determine what my employee contribution will be for health benefits?

  • A calculator is on the CCSD website to assist you in determining your estimated employee contribution.


     How will I know what plans are available?
  • A listing of the available plans through Aetna will be listed on the CCSD website (Click here to view plans)

What is a Qualifying Life Event?

  • Qualifying Life Events include involuntary loss of coverage due to one or more of the following: loss of coverage by spouse or partner, marriage, divorce, legal separation, birth, adoption and/or death.


     Is Aetna the only option there is for medical coverage?
  • Yes, until March 31, 2020. (Aetna is the approved provider for medical coverage for all CCSD employees.)

Will ID cards be issued for all carriers?

  • Yes. ID cards will be issued for medical and vision from Aetna and dental will be issued from Delta Dental and prescription will be issued from Benecard. (Click here for your dental ID card) 

How many ID cards will I receive?

  • You and your covered dependents will receive four (4)  ID cards.  Two (2) from Aetna for medical and vision, one (1) from Delta Dental for dental and one (1) from Benecard for prescriptions.


     What does Open Access Managed Choice (OAMC) mean?
  • In the OAMC plan, no primary care provider (PCP) is required and no referral is required.  You can go to any doctor within the network you choose.

How do I know the name of my current medical plan?

There are a few ways to identify your current plan:

  • You can view your current ID card. On the upper right hand side, the plan name will be indicated.
  • You can access the Employee Self Service Portal and view the demographics screen to view a summary of all benefits located in the lower left hand section.

What is MBOS?

  • Member Benefit Online System. It is a set of internet based applications that allows registered members access to their pension and, if applicable, health benefits account information.

How do I get access to MBOS?

  • To use MBOS, you must be registered with both MBOS and the myNewJersey website. For additional instructions on how to register for MBOS click here. 

I currently do not have an ID card for prescription. What do I do?

  • Contact Benecard at 877-723-6005 and request a new card.  This is a 24 hour service.

How do I select a primary care provider (PCP)?

  • A PCP will be assigned for you if you select one of the HMO plans.  You may access the Aetna website at any time during Open Enrollment to select a different PCP or contact Aetna's call center at 888-496-3389 for assistance with changing your PCP.

Does everyone have to select a primary care provider (PCP)?

  • No. Only employees who choose to participate in an HMO are required to select a primary care provider (PCP).


     I am planning to retire soon and have 25 years or more of service. What will happen to my medical coverage since we are no longer in SEHBP?
  • You will return to a SEHBP plan after retirement. Contact SEHBP at 609-292-7524 to arrange a counseling session with a representative from the state.

What is a Flexible Spending Account?

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) let you use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible health care expenses for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents. For additional information, view the educational videos provided by TASC here.

What Flexible Spending Account benefits can I enroll in?

TASC offers a wide variety of flexible spending benefits; however, Camden City School District only offers the following:

  • Medical FSA
  • Dependent care
  • Transit & Parking

Health Vendor Contact Information

Benecard Prescriptions
In need of a Prescription and cannot find your card?
Benecard 877-723-6005 24 hrs. 7 days (request a card)
Present the below information to the pharmacist
ID# BX + your social
BIN# 014179
PCN# 9743
GROUP# 1141

AETNA Medical/Vision (until March 31, 2020)
Need to speak with a representative regarding medical or vision?

Delta Dental
Need to contact or print a card?
Visit: (print card)
GROUP# 07722






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