Return to School Plan 2020-21

July 28, 2020


Dear Camden City School District Community:


Over the past few months, the Camden City School District Reopening Task Force has considered three learning models: remote, hybrid, and in-person. The task force met regularly to examine cleaning, testing, and procedure changes that align with best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local health authorities including  “The Road Back,” New Jersey Department of Education’s guidelines. The decision to start the school year with hybrid and remote programs was made with feedback from the community, parents, staff, and in collaboration with the Camden Education Association leadership.


A summary of what we are planning

Hybrid Model

Camden City School District is planning to offer a hybrid-learning schedule to start the 2020/21 school year. This schedule will bring 50% of the returning students into the building for half-day sessions twice a week (Monday/Tuesday = AA days; Wednesday/Thursday = BB days) with Friday being a fully online learning day for all students. 












Group A

In Person

In Person



Remote & Services

Group B



In Person

In Person

Remote & Services

Group C

In Person

In Person

In Person

In Person

Remote & Services



Students with Special Needs 

We recognize that some of our students in specific specialized programs have very significant needs that are best met every day in-person. With this in mind, we will offer a limited number of programs for specific students, based on disability, and we will work to bring these students into school Monday-Thursday.  


Parents choosing to opt-into full remote instruction 

We recognize that not all parents are ready to have their child(ren) physically return to the school building in September. Therefore, parents will have the option to have their child(ren) participate in a fully remote classroom environment. Parents choosing this option may opt back into in-person instruction at the end of January 2021. If you plan to opt out of the hybrid-learning schedule and wish to have your child(ren) participate fully remotely, please complete the following form: Opt-out form.





Instructional day and student meals

The instructional day will not match the full instructional day that we are all used to in the past. Rather, the instructional day will be from 8:30 am until approximately 1:00 pm. We recognize that a modified schedule is a hardship for many families; however, because of the size of our buildings, instructional spaces and hallways, it will be impossible to have a full cohort of students in our buildings at the same time while maintaining safe social distancing. 


To this end, to ensure that this abbreviated instructional day is fully maximized and to further reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure, all student meals will be boxed and distributed as students leave the building for the day. For families who choose a remote only learning option, meals will continue to be provided using the satellite sites where families can pick up meals. 


What families can do now to prepare

The district’s plan is fluid and not yet final; however, families can begin planning for the safest return to the school building by considering and doing the following: 


Academic Preparation

Opting out of In Person

Complete the survey and let us know if you are opting out of in-person learning.

Contact IT Support

If your child’s device does not appear to be working at a level of 100%, please contact our IT support - Mindshift (# is on the device)


Wellness Preparation 


Reinforce the need to wash your hands regularly - even at home

Social Distance

Set up chairs 6ft apart at home and talk to your child about this being the distance they’ll sit from their classmates when in school.

Minimize Contact

Remind your child that they’ll be with the same group of students each day and it will only be a small number of classmates - about 10 in total

Face Coverings

Practice wearing masks in the house - and always wear outside the house

Symptom Screening

Practice giving screenings with your child at home. Help them recognize the symptoms of COVID-19





It is important to keep in mind that our school reopening plan is fluid and is subject to change at any time. The district is committed to providing safe schools, built for 21st century success. This means providing safe and clean learning environments for all students and staff. The district will continue to seek additional resources and feedback to help deliver on the promise to provide a high quality-learning environment despite such challenging circumstances.


I know that this is a lot to digest. I also understand it can be frustrating that our plans are subject to change. This letter is not meant to be comprehensive – we know this is not all of the information you need, but I hope that it is a start. We will continue to update you on the district’s return to school plan as we continue to finalize it and/or as significant changes occur. Thank you all for your commitment to our students, the district, and the community at-large.




Katrina T. McCombs, M.A.Ed., MPA

State District Superintendent

Camden City School District
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